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Massage Therapy at The Haven

This is a relaxing treatment using both Swedish and Balinese massage techniques. It is beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood while also decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation , and flexibility. Therefore also aiding in easing emotional and physical stress.

Therapeutic hot oil back massage(30mins)                                                                      €30.00

Deep tissue hot oil back massage(40mins)                                                                       €35.00

Therapeutic full body massage with extended back massage face & scalp massage

(75mins)                                                                                                                                         €50.00

Hot Stone Therapy at The Haven

This is a deeply relaxing speciality massage using oils and heated basalt stones. A complete mind body and spirit treatment aiming to promote a harmonising and calming effect. It aims to boost circulation and metabolism while leaving the client in a state of deep relaxation.

Hot Stone Back Massage Therapy(40mins)(Dry Body Brushing)                              €35.00

Hot Stone Full Body Massage Therapy(80mins)                                                              €55.00

Indian Head Massage at The Haven

This is an ancient therapeutic treatment focusing on head neck and shoulders. It is a deep massage which uses a variety of pressure techniques to encourage healing and balance in your whole body.

Indian Head Massage(30mins)                                                                                                €30.00