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Eye Treatments & Waxing

Eye Treatments (for your eyes only)

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Waxing & Tinting Treatments

Patch Test is required 48 hours before treatment


Eye Trio (eyelash tint, eyebrow tint & shape)

45mins €25.00

Hollywood Wax

45mins €40.00

Brazilian Wax

45mins €35.00

Californian Wax

30mins €25.00

Standard Bikini Wax

30mins €15.00

Full leg Wax incl standard bikini Wax

1hr 30mins €40.00

Full leg Wax

1hr €30.00

3/4 leg Wax

45mins €25.00

Half leg Wax

30mins €20.00

Underarm Wax

30mins €15.00

Full Face(Sides of face, lip and chin)

1hr €40.00

Sides of face

20mins €15.00

Chin Wax

20mins €10.00

Lip Wax

20mins €10.00

Eyebrow Wax

20mins €10.00



Full face (Sides of face, lip and chin & eyebrow)threading)

1hr €42.00

Sides of face Thread

20mins €15.00

Chin Thread

20mins €10.00

Lip Thread

20mins €10.00

Eyebrow Thread

20mins €12.00

Threading Trio

45mins €30.00


Brows & Lashes

Eyelash Tint

20mins €14.00

Eyebrow Tint

20mins €10.00